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DXB 200

From the ashes, it rose again, never understood why too ahead of its time: after 10 years can compete with the best mixer on the market !

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Mackie DXB 800, it exists only in rendering…


Mackie DXB 200 Digital Xbus, release V 2.0.1 READY, fixed the following bugs: 

– It did not work in the Ch Rack bus and aux: opening the window showed no plug with inserts;

– in the page Midi channel and group, pressing the area dedicated to the Plug, the system crashed;

– If you insert a plug, or using eq / comp / gate in the bus, the sound was distorted (only in some models DXB);

– Fixed the font of the characters in the channel number, inside the windows (it was not possible to read everything);

– In the window of Snapshot, you can now also filtered the new channels, and channels that was not possible before (eg Mix L / R);

– In the window of the snapshot, now they read the correct names and not “numbers to know”. For example, before you read channel 97 for the
Bus 1, now reads Bus 1;

– Fixed other minor bugs.


New Feature:

– Support for the third monitor, with the system of floating windows, or to monitor native HD (1920X1080) FOR NOW NOT ACTIVE, I tested well;

– Possibility of adjusting the refresh rate of the VU (for higher performance);

– Ability to disable the display of the GEQ in channelstrip: save the display of 768 mini-fader, the layer change is more faster in systems
with CPU original;

– Ability to disable the update of the information present in the page Window->tools->System info (for better performance).


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